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an interview with Megan Keyser, owner of Skapande

Q: What does ‘Skapande’ mean to you?

A: Skapande is the Swedish word for “creative.” Creativity, to me, is everything. It’s tapping into my DNA ~ Nordic, mostly. Skapande represents the connection to my innermost self, fulfilling my divine mission, sharing my gifts and existing in the world as a human being. Without feeling artistic in my career, I would not feel like myself.


Q: What does Skapande do?

A: Skapande delivers personalized full-service marketing services for organizations in a variety of industries. This includes brand builds and marketing strategies, social media, and content creation, like photography and videography projects.


Q: Who inspires you creatively?

A: In my opinion, the producers of The Lincoln Lawyer do a great job with everything … visuals, storytelling, etc. The way they position their cameras and cut clips to match music is really well done. Their scenes are crisp and colors are sharp. I’d love to work with whoever is behind the cameras and in the editing room.


Q: What makes Skapande different from other creative agencies?

A: I think that my background in marketing helps. Also, the fact that I grew up in Omaha. Much of the introductory conversations I have revolves around target customers so that I can use my creative mind to help them at the drawing board.


Q: What’s your vision?

A: I hope that the world gets to a point where everyone feels fulfilled. One where we’re connecting through common interests, rather than finding differences to divide us.


Q: What is your mission?

A: My mission is to help hardworking business owners get good content out there, so that their ideal customers come walking through their door or into their inbox. I also hope that my content helps create connections so that people feel more fulfilled. I don’t know how exactly I can do that, but I hope that I can help good connections be made.


Q: What is your style like?

A: Maverick. Worldly. Natural.


Q: What kind of clients do you prefer to work with?

A: I really like working with people who work outside, work in the trades, make something from nothing …


Q: If someone is reading this and considering hiring you, what do you want to tell them?

A: Just reach out to introduce yourself. We may not be a perfect fit for each other, but I think it takes time to get to know someone.

Megan Keyser is the owner of Skapande Creative Co. Skapande Creative Co. is a creative and marketing agency, based in Omaha, Nebraska
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