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An Interview with Skapande Creative Co.'s Founder and Creative Director, Megan Keyser

Megan Keyser is Founder and Creative Director of Skapande Creative Co., a nomadic creative who works with luxury, B2C, experience-focused organizations all over the world. She sees organizations' struggles to place consistent and clear communication through a brand.

Megan has a strong background in marketing and social media, developed through her education in university programs, training through company experiences, and creation of a personal brand through Instagram collaborations with large cosmetic and fashion brands.

Q: What does ‘Skapande’ mean to you?

A: Skapande is the Swedish word for “creative.” Creativity, to me, is everything. Skapande represents the connection to one's innermost self, fulfilling divine mission, sharing gifts and existing in the world as an enjoying and enjoyable human being.

Q: What’s your vision?

A: I hope that the world gets to a point where everyone feels fulfilled. One where we’re connecting through common interests, rather than finding differences to divide us.

Q: What is your mission?

A: My mission is to help hardworking businesses get their truly intended message to the correct end user. I also hope that the content our clients receive fulfills the lives of both employees and customers.

Q: What is your personal style like?

A: Maverick. Worldly. Experiential.

Q: What pieces of content do you enjoy absorbing?

A: National Geographic is a wonderful organization. They've been publishing content on the story of our world for decades and I hope that they continue to do so. I also like to watch shows about our planet, like 'Planet Earth.' On social media, you could find me using Pinterest to create vision boards and scrolling on Tik Tok or Instagram, keeping up with creators whose personalities I like.



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