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How to Manage a Luxury Brand Photoshoot

So you've decided to shoot a luxury brand and want to make sure you get it right. If you're in the business of selling luxury goods or services, then it's important to have a photoshoot that highlights your brand's aesthetic. Not only does this help consumers identify with your brand and its products/services, but it also makes their shopping experience more personal. In this article, we'll cover everything from finding the right photographer to creating an effective mood board and hiring an experienced retoucher.

A luxury brand photoshoot is all about creating the perfect aesthetic for your company's products and services.

The first thing you'll want to consider is the overall look of your shoot.

A luxury brand photoshoot is all about creating the perfect aesthetic for your company's products or services. The goal of a luxury brand photoshoot is to create a beautiful, consistent visual identity for your company that conveys its values and connects with customers on a deeper level.

A luxury brand photoshoot isn't just about the product or service itself. It's about how you want people to feel when they see aspects of your brand. it. You can hire an experienced photographer who knows how to shoot with high-quality equipment (like Canon or Nikon DSLRs) and lighting setups that make even mundane objects look breathtakingly beautiful in photos.

Set up practical shooting angles that show off both product and the brand itself.

Luxury brands are known for their high-quality finishes and attention to detail, so when shooting them, it's important that everything looks perfect--from lighting to staging to location.

The next step is choosing what services or products will be featured in your photoshoot. When deciding on what pieces should be used for a particular shoot, think about what kind of message these items send out about your brand's identity. Will they reinforce its values? Will they represent an aspect of its image well?

Find the right photographer.

The first step to ensuring that your brand photoshoot is a success is finding an experienced and talented photographer, who will be able to work with all of your team members, understand your aesthetic and brand guidelines, work within budget constraints and produce images that reflect your brand identity.

Choose your location.

Choosing your location is one of the most important aspects of any photoshoot, and it's especially important when you're working with a luxury brand. You need to consider what kind of image you want to portray and how that will fit in with your product, as well as finding an appropriate place for your shoot.

Here are some things to think about:

  • What does the location represent? Does it have any significance or meaning? Is there anything about its history that could add value to your images? For example, if you're shooting at Versailles Palace in France, there are plenty of opportunities for historical shots that may not be available at other locations. But if you are a very future-focused brand, a historical castle would not be the right location for you. Tolerance Bridge, in Dubai, might be a better location for you, with a skyline of modern architecture in the images.

  • How easy will it be for the team to both physically access this location and photographically take advantage of what makes each place special? This might mean having wide open spaces where no crowds can get in my way, but also not so far away from civilization that everyone gets lost. It might also mean ensuring there are access points, so no one has trouble getting to and from safely.

Create a mood board.

A mood board is a collection of visual elements that create a sense of style, tone and mood. A good mood board can help you communicate your vision to the photographer so they know what to expect from their photos. It will also help you create a cohesive look and feel for your brand by showing how different pieces go together.

See Skapande Creative Co.'s mood board for their most recent photoshoot by clicking here.

Create a branding guide to ensure consistency with past shoots.

  • Every strong brand should follow a branding guide with every communications and creative-related project. A branding guide is a document that defines your brand, including colors, fonts and other elements. It should be created before the shoot and provided to the photographer, so they can use it as a reference during the shoot.

  • Use past photoshoots as inspiration for future ones. If you're looking for inspiration on how different photographers shoot luxury brands like yours, look back at past shoots from other brands in your industry, and even look at shoots from outside your industry if they have similar products or services!

Plan the shoot in advance.

Planning is key to every successful shoot, and it's important to plan in advance. Planning helps you stay on track, keep your budget in check, and ensure that everything is ready for the shoot.

Planning also allows for flexibility, in case something goes wrong or changes during the session. If there's some sort of problem with the location, equipment, or even just one person being late, having a backup plan will help alleviate stress and ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Understand the importance of good editing and retouching.

Editing is a key part of the process, and it can make or break your shots. It's not just about fixing color and lighting. Editing is also about creating a mood and feel that makes a product or service look like it belongs in the context of its photo.

Editing is also important because you want to make sure your client understands what they're getting from your business. All photos should match the brand guideline that lays out the intention of the brand, and keeps communication on track, so customers don't mistakingly think they'll get one thing when they actually get something else.


If you're looking to create a luxury brand photoshoot that stands out from the rest, it's important to take your time with each step of the photoshoot and to plan ahead. You want everything from the location choice down to the editing process to be perfect so that your customers will be impressed by both its aesthetics and functionality. Remember that good things take time!


At Skapande Creative Co. we believe that people who shop luxury crave an elevated experience.

If you're ready to elevate your brand to the next level of luxury and find a detail-oriented brand management partner, submit an application form through our site at

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