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New Brand Video | Skapande Creative Co. | Luxury Brand Management Services

Skapande Creative Co. provides luxury brand management services to mid-sized B2C organizations across the globe.

From brand design and creation, to brand build (website and social media design), to brand management (email marketing, blog writing, and social media management), to content creation services, we elevate organizations to next-level luxury. We offer these services because our mission is to create something of enduring value to society - to empower our clients to achieve operation goals through brand management services. We want to foster an international community of understood organizations that communicate so effectively online that luxury-experience seekers know where to go for the perfect service fit.

Our clients say: "[Skapande] is always getting me to think outside the box in our marketing and continues to take us further in our business than I ever could have."

"My favorite thing about working with [Skapande] is that [they] kept my needs/wants in mind and was sure to ask clear questions. [Their] communication is spot on."

"I had my doubts on the return on this investment but the experience along with Megan’s coaching, suggestions and ideas has been priceless."


If you're ready to elevate your brand to the next level of luxury and find a detail-oriented brand management partner, submit an application form through our site at

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