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What to Ask Your Creative Agency on a Discovery Call

To ensure a successful partnership between your company and your creative agency, it's essential to view the agency as an extension of your team. This is why scheduling an introductory call with all members of your decision-making team and your agency contact is a crucial part of the brand management kick-off process.

During this calls, you will have the opportunity to get to know the agency and their team, as well as have your questions answered. Many of our clients use this time to discuss and clarify the details outlined in the proposals.

To start, we recommend confirming the "five W's":

  • Who: Who on the agency's team will be working on your project? It's important to get to know the individuals you will be collaborating with, such as the project lead or graphic designer, to ensure a good fit.

  • What: What will be covered by the budget? While the scope and pitch will outline the specifics, it's important to ensure that nothing is left out. Skapande Creative Co.'s clients often add extra deliverables beyond the project scope, so be upfront with your needs to ensure that both you and the agency are on the same page.

  • When: When can the agency start your project? While timelines will be covered in proposals, it's crucial to clarify and ensure alignment with the agency's team.

  • Where: Where is the agency located? Although agencies are handpicked to your preference, this question is especially important if there are multiple locations or if the agency is working remotely during this time.

  • Why: Why does the agency want to work with your brand? Don't hesitate to ask for personal insights into why the agency was drawn to your project, your brand, and why they are passionate about what you're building.


At Skapande Creative Co. we believe that people who shop luxury crave an elevated experience.

If you're ready to elevate your brand to the next level of luxury and find a detail-oriented brand management partner, submit an application form through our site at

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