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Our Services

Skapande Creative Co. works with luxury organizations that are struggling to design their brand, build their brand, and manage their brand by creating custom luxury management partnerships, delivering the highest quality designs and optimizing systems for luxurious results.

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Brand Concept & Design

Define your purpose, mission, vision, values, message, and brand persona. Choose up to four logo concepts, font palettes, and color combinations. Download your Brand Guide and high-resolution logo/icon files.

Brand Build

Receive a new website or update your existing one. Download email signature templates, photo, video, graphic and icon-style standards. Alter and/or create social media profiles. Align your email communications with brand standards. Download a custom letterhead, presentation template, and service brochure.

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Brand Management

Publish social media posts. Disperse email newsletters. Publish keyword blogs on your website. Receive monthly report deliveries.

Kirby, Pastry Chef

"Megan was very communicative and clear about her services. It was reasonably priced and I felt I was getting a bang for my buck! My favorite thing about working with Megan is that she kept my needs/wants in mind and was sure to ask clear questions. Her communication is spot on and I will definitely be working with her again in the future!"

Seth, Podcast Host

"Megan did an excellent job creating a unique brand and implementing the brand identity into my marketing strategy. I would highly recommend her if you are starting a business, brand, or would like a fresh marketing campaign."

Parker, Doctor of Chiropractic

"I had a great experience with Skapande Creative Co. and Megan! I did not know where to start as I looked into marketing my new small business. Megan took the time to understand me and helped clarify the message I wanted to send. She is very knowledgeable about social media and all aspects of business marketing. I was extremely happy with the photo session, logo, branding kit, and social media set up that she came up with for me. I recommend Skapande for all your marketing needs!"
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